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Tamangs, being one of the indigeneous inhabitants, has its own unique culture, tradition, costumes, language, religion, and cultural values. Tamangs today preserve their own set of culture and lifestyle.
Tamangs are ethnically rich aborigines which has its very own traditional attire that plays a very important role in preserving the culture, tradition, rituals and unique identity of Tamang community. Tamangs have always put on their traditional dress with great pride and honor on important events and functions and shown how rich tamang culture is. Despite the marginalization and discrimination from various other dominating classes of caste since ages, they have been able to develop vital socio-economic importance among the Nepalese society and preserve their tradition, culture and lifestyle. Hence, the importance of traditional tamang costumes cannot be denied among tamangs.

Considering this fact, Yangla Ghoila Pvt. Ltd. has come up with different sets of traditional tamang costumes with modern touch, new sense of styling and in a more fashionable manner to meet the needs of the present and future generations.

YGTU family heartily welcomes any advice and suggestions from our well-wishers.


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